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How to create a portfolio

portfolio’s contain a client’s holding in our system. They are the building block for many of our products.

API Docs link

Things you need:

  • API Access Token
  • A list of the portfolio holdings with their respective tickers or ISINs

Let’s create a portfolio using curl.

First, define the request payload.

  "total_value": 1000000,
  "name": "My first test portfolio",
  "holdings": [
      "identifier_type": "ticker",
      "identifier": "AAPL",
      "percentage": 0.5
      "identifier_type": "ticker",
      "identifier": "SPY",
      "percentage": 0.5

Grab your API Access Token and put it here:

-H "Authorization: Token YourTokenGoesHere" 

Now paste both into the curl command below:

curl -d 'Your Payload Here' -H "Authorization: Token YourTokenGoesHere"  -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST

Here is a complete example:

curl -d '{"total_value": 1000000,"name":"My first test portfolio","holdings":[{"identifier_type":"isin","identifier":"US0378331005","percentage":0.5},{"identifier_type":"isin","identifier":"US78462F1030","percentage":0.5}]}' -H "Authorization: Token YourTokenHere1234567890" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST

Just replace the value of the token with yours.

To run the curl command open a terminal and paste the command above. The JSON response from the API should be similar to:

    "name":"My first test portfolio"

Make sure to save the id to use it for the following guides.