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Table of contents

  1. API Token
  2. Portfolio
  3. Screen Sets

API Token

An API token allows applications to login to access our API without using your username and password. API access is oriented around a specific user account. YourStake account holders and API sandbox users can access the API with a bearer token with access restricted to their user account. If you’re an existing YourStake client please contact us for API access.

If tokens have been provisioned for your account you can find them here.


A portfolio contains the range of investments held by an entity.

Screen Sets

API Docs

Reports use what we call Screen Sets. They are collections of Impact Factor metrics with a threshold for each metric. They are created automatically after a user takes the Questionnaire, and can be directly associated with a Prospect or Portfolio.

Screen Set ids can be passed as parameters to other endpoints to tailor the information that’s returned.

  Important Note About Screen Sets
Screen sets may also be known in our documentation as Impact factors